Health & Safety

Drug and Alcohol Policy

It is the College's goal to adhere to the regulations laid out in for both the Drug Free Work Place Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. This is a Drug-Free College, and we will not entertain any exception to this. There is no tolerance for drug and alcohol abuse on premises. Any unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on the College's property or as part of any of the College's activities will result in expulsion or termination from the College and reported to the proper authorities (if necessary.)

Selling or using drugs while accepting Title IV aid (i.e. Pell Grants and Direct Loans) could result in suspension and/or revocation of eligibility with the Title IV program if convicted.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program

It is important to note we do not offer any drug and alcohol counseling services. If a student wishes to seek counseling, the College maintains a listing of available community service organizations for Findlay and the surrounding areas. Please ask the administration for a copy of this list.

Applicable Federal, State, and Local Laws and Sanctions Regarding Drugs and Alcohol

The links in this section contain a list of the applicable legal sanctions under federal, state, and local laws for the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs, including alcohol, as of June 1, 2005. This list is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all offenses involving drugs and alcohol, and this material should not be relied upon as legal advice or guidance regarding these offenses.

Vaccination Policies

At this time, the College does not have any vaccination requirements for students