Health & Safety

Fire Safety Policies

The College does not maintain on-campus housing. Under the HEA, the College does not need to maintain a Fire Safety Report or Log. However, for the calendar year, there have been no fires reported at the College.

The College's fire and disaster safety guidelines are posted at the entrance of every door. These procedures are tested annually.

  1. IN CASE OF FIRE - Please follow the exit signs to the nearest exit, leave the building in a quiet and orderly fashion. Please meet with the instructor in charge by the large sign closest to Tiffin Avenue so that we know you are safe.
  2. IN CASE OF A TORNADO - Please go to one of the inner halls beside the junior lab, kneel down, face the wall and cover your head with your hands. Please be quiet to hear any instructions given by the instructor.
4 out of 5 campus-related deaths happen off campus. Please watch "The Alarming Truth" developed by the Clery Center for Security on Campus, Campus Firewatch, Michael H. Minger Foundation, Rowan University, University of Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia Fire Department. It provides helpful advice on preventing off-campus fires.